Ability Enhancement Training

Applied Metapsychology encompasses Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), Life Stress Reduction (LSR), and the Ability Enhancement (AE) viewing curriculum.  As you know, TIR and LSR are taught in three workshops.  The Ability Enhancement viewing curriculum facilitates personal growth and development of potential, and is taught in a series of eight shorter workshops, the Ability Enhancement Workshops (AEWs).

The curriculum:  Because the work of Applied Metapsychology is educational in nature, we call this significant block of work the viewing curriculum, in the sense of, “a specific course of study” since a client/viewer, engaged in the educational work of the sessions, completes each section in order as s/he moves along.  The curriculum provides a long general case plan broken into eight sections (that are customized for each individual viewer) giving the sequence of techniques designed to gradually increase a viewer’s abilities by removing charge and exercising life skills the viewer already has in order to improve the viewer’s command over these skills. 

Pre-requisites of the AEW Series: you need to have taken the 3 TIR and LSR workshops and, generally, completed your own personal Life Stress Reduction work (case plan).

The AEW Series teaches:
●  The full viewing curriculum.  Here we move fully into the realm of personal growth, employing the strategy of discovery (compare with unburdening), to allow clients to find areas of charge they had not previously been aware of and to develop innate abilities toward self-actualization. Discovery is the mode of facilitation that selectively reactivates, addresses and discharges areas not currently activated, for the purpose of increasing the viewer’s ability and stabilizing the person at a higher level of functioning.
●  More of the philosophy and fundamental skill sets that underlie the effectiveness of Applied Metapsychology, such that the practitioner will see enhanced results with clients at every level as s/he moves through the training.
●  A large number of specialized programs and collections of techniques to address particular situations, such as pregnancy and new parenthood, the unique challenges of the creative person, the client who is in an oppressive/abusive relationship, etc.
●  Specialized skills and techniques for dealing with difficult cases
●  Technical direction knowledge and skills covering all of the above

There are extra programs and collections of techniques included with the teaching of the curriculum sections.  The eight workshops are a treasure chest of additional techniques and programs, useful for viewers at every level of ability.

The eight AE workshops are usually taught in sets of two, so there are four groupings of workshops.  That cuts down travel expenses and also gives students time to co-facilitate each section of the viewing curriculum as they go along.  There are significant personal gains to be had from this co-facilitation project. 

Location:  Nelson House, near Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  Google Maps link.

Scheduling:  The following are the dates for the 4 sets of Ability Enhancement Workshops (AEWs):
1. AEW 1&2    April 14-18  2016     
     2. AEW 3&4    Sept. 15-19  2016
     3. AEW 5&6    April  20-24  2017
     4. AEW 7&8    Sept. 21-25  2017

To ensure a place for workshops #7 & 8, scheduled for September 21-25, 2017, you should register via Eventbrite online, or call Harry at 705 835-0752. 

Cost:  The cost of the 5-day set for AEW 7&8, is $950.00 (in Canadian dollars), if registered before June 30, 2017.  The cost includes: training for the two workshops over 5 days, 2 training manuals, lunches and snacks for 5 days, plus an internship with Marian Volkman and Margaret Nelson.

AE workshops are not often available and thus, in addition to our students, others in the U.S. and abroad may also wish to secure a place by registering.  This is a rare opportunity to broaden and deepen your facilitator skills. 

Call or email me if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,
Margaret U. Nelson, MEd, RP
Certified TIR Facilitator and Senior Trainer
Barrie, Ontario, Canada