Advanced TIR Training in 2017


For 2017, in Ontario, there are two different level-2 advanced training workshops being offered.  These workshops add more techniques, more case planning ideas, and improved understanding overall. 

TIR is a highly effective approach, recognized as evidence-based by SAMSHA on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.  The broader subject of Applied Metapsychology (AMP) has many more techniques, based on the foundation you have learned: the Rules of Facilitation and the Communication Exercises.  Overall, the subject of AMP offers a rich and highly-effective modality for addressing most client issues and presenting a path of personal growth.


The advanced workshops are:


1.     TIR- Expanded Applications workshop (TIREAW)

Date:  October 13-16, 2017, Ottawa                                                      Register

      Location: 150 Isabella Street, Suite 215, Ottawa, Ontario

      Cost: Early Bird registration is $850 if registered by May 15, 2017.

        Thereafter, $950.  {Cost includes HST and course materials]  

      Trainer/contact:  Suzanne Duc,


    Building on the foundation of the TIR workshop, this workshop introduces many
    additional techniques, which address most client issues and offer a wide range of
    opportunities to provide a balanced case plan.  They allow a TIR facilitator to address
    the common stresses of life within a 50-minute session, as well as provide an
    expanded set of tools for dealing with trauma.  For more info click on Register link
    above, and see the Applied Metapsychology page: Expanded Applications Workshop,


2.     Life Stress Reduction & Case Planning workshop (LSRCPW)  


      Date:  October 13-16, 2017, near Barrie                                        Register

      Location: Nelson House training centre near Barrie, Ontario     

      Cost: Early Bird registration is $795 if registered by September 13, 2017.

        Thereafter, $895.  [Cost includes HST, course materials, and lunches and snacks.]  

      Trainer/contact:  Margaret Nelson,


    The LSRCPW will greatly enhance your use of TIR by adding numerous simple
    effective techniques and a comprehensive approach to case planning, enriching your
    confidence and use of TIR in your practice!    This workshop is rated highly by my
    students (see testimonials below).  For more info click on Register link above, and
    see the Applied Metapsychology page:  Life Stress Reduction Workshop,


 More workshop info:

· Participants may be eligible to receive continuing education credit hours from the CCPA, CPCA, CACCF, or OACCPP.  See register page for each workshop.

 · Accommodations: 

     For workshops at Nelson House (north of Barrie) we have arranged special rates for our students with some local hotels, resorts and Bed & Breakfasts.  Our current accommodations file can be viewed here:
     For workshops in Ottawa, see the register page for each workshop for links to local hotels.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. 

Yours sincerely,

Margaret U. Nelson, MEd, RP

Certified TIR Facilitator and  Senior Trainer

Barrie, Ontario



Some reviews from graduates of the Nelson advanced TIR workshops:


" Excellent techniques – incredibly profound results – the structure & wording of each technique is so simple, yet created in such an incredibly profound manner, the end results/end-points are almost unbelievable.  So applicable to every broad client demographic; I have gained fabulous new skills. Feel more skilled & empowered as a facilitator with each training.”  Rebekkah A., RP


“This is an excellent workshop!  Like the Basic TIR workshop, I found the content, the pace, the flow, and the presentation excellent.  It is a wonderful way to learn, and the setting is perfect.  I really appreciated the co-facilitation sessions.”  Cathy D., Ed.D.


“Perfect course.  Expanded my repertoire hugely.  Feel better equipped to work with a range of people/issues creatively & effectively.  I’ll be able to use many of the smaller techniques within my agency.”  Annette V., BSW


“As always, the training was amazing and it continues to spur on my excitement and enthusiasm for TIR.  Accommodations, hospitality & lunches/snacks were impeccable.  I absolutely love learning new and relatively easy techniques which bring such amazing change for myself and my clients.”   Karen S., MSW, RSW


“I have achieved everything & more than was expected from the workshop.  Case planning put all the techniques into perspective.  I am working out of this workshop as a competent TIR practitioner.”    Elisabeth H., Ph.D.


"I found the training to be the glue that pulls all previous TIR training together.  The case planning, grounding, recall lists, ...  Expanded Unblocking were all great additions.  I feel very privileged to have met Harry & Margaret Nelson.  Margaret is an excellent trainer -- thorough and keeps integrity to the model.”  Ian R., MSW,RSW


"Amazing, relevant, inspiring, motivational.  Discussions were great.  Delivery of material well paced and expertly delivered.  It’s been an enriching experience.”

Daniel F., Counsellor


"The workshop was the most enjoyable and worthwhile professional experience I have ever attended."  Jim P., MSW, RSW


I'm always impressed at how much I take away from the [TIR] workshops. There is a plethora of materials. Working with other like-minded individuals is a huge bonus.  The LSR workshop more than fulfilled my need to learn more techniques to work with clients in a 1-hr setting. I now have access to an extensive menu of techniques to choose from. In addition, I can tailor the techniques to each client and each situation. Thank you So Much!"  Linda T., M.A.


Was a very effective learning experience and I feel I have many tools and techniques to draw upon. ...  I really love the 'getting charge off' experience and 'empowerment' factor this modality provides.  (What I particularly liked:) Everything!"  Marilyn S


  “Harry & Margaret: I just want you both to know that you have provided me with a method that will help my clients with their life problems which I think is probably the best gift you as human beings could give to society.  Thanks again for everything.” 

Dwayne B., MSW, RSW